a. Scientific Project: Improving the working effeciency of Solar Domestic Hot Water Storage Tanks (SDHWST) in Czech Republic

Domestic hot water usage is responsible for about 17 to 39 % of household energy consumption. To operate effectively as energy storage devices, it is crucial that a stratified temperature distribution is maintained within the tank during operation. This research deals with the factors influencing the energy storage and its degradation, and how this degradation can be prevented during different operational condions, and finally chooing possibly best combination of geometrical, operational and other technical parameters of the storage tanks to aim the near zero energy waste. The experimental and numerical work would be done collobratively at University Centre for Energy Effecient Buildings (UCEEB) and Czech Technical University in Prague. ANSYS – Fluent would be used as numerical tool for this research work.

b. Book: Hunchology – A narrative guide to develope intuitive decision making hand

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c. Book: Get admission in top PhD universities – A step by step guide for dummies