How happiness works for different gender bias: Happy now and happy later model

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1. Happiness curve of a typical AFC (Average Frustrated Chump): Are you one of them???

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The typical common day man quite familiarly known as Average Frustrated chump (AFC) happiness is always around “okay,” floating in the range of 4-6 on the 1 to 10 scale. Since most men are typical AFC or WBAFC (way below AFC), Imagine an AFC – the typical skinny-fat guy who works at some corporate job (mostly IT guys who have some serious high esteem problems) he doesn’t really like, married to the typical average-looking, nonsexual chubby woman, and who has a few kids. His happiness looks like this: He’s not necessarily miserable, but he’s not happy. His life is calm, predictable, and socially acceptable, but also boring and limited. He can’t do what he wants, he doesn’t have a lot of sex, and excitement is rare. He’s doomed to live a life of mediocrity and moderate happiness for the rest of his life unless he makes some radical changes.

Qualities of some AFSs or WBAFCs:

• Believes and practices the “not like other guys” doctrine of self-perceived uniqueness, even under the condition of anonymity.
• ONEitis – First and foremost.
• Thinks “be yourself” actually means “be yourself”.
• Depends on luck for all his success.
• Subscribes to feminine idealizations.
• Supplication is supportive. To comply with gender equalism she must increase, so he must decrease, regardless of how subtly this is realized.
• The Savior Schema –reciprocation of intimacy for problems solved.
• The Martyr Schema – the more you sacrifice the more it shows devotion.
• The ‘Friends’ Debt – LJBF (let’s just be friends) and the pseudo-friendship as a means to prospective intimacy.
• Primarily relies on dating and social skills (or lack thereof) developed during adolescence and early adulthood
• A behavioral history that illustrates a mental attitude of ‘serial monogamy’ and the related insecurities that accompany it.
• An over-reliance on rejection Buffers.
• Considers LDRs (long distance relationships) a viable option for prolonged intimacy.
• Maintains an internalized belief in the qualifications and characterizations of women that coincide with his ability (or inability) to attract them. Ergo, he self-confirms the “she’s out of my league” and the “she’s a loose slut” mentalities on-the-fly to reinforce his position for his given conditions.
• Harbors irrational (often socially reinforced) fears of long term solitude and alters his mind-set to accommodate or settle for a less than optimal short term relationship – often with life long consequences.
• Last but not the least – Couldn’t get laid in whore house with $5,000 in his pocket.

2. Happiness curve of a typical woman

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Most women are basket cases of exciting highs and dramatic lows. Sometimes she’s happy as can be, almost ecstatic. Other times she’s depressed, angry, frustrated, or in the middle of drama with her husband, boyfriend, ex, boss, co-worker, girlfriend, sister, mom, dad, or whomever. Unlike most men, she needs a wide array of both positive and negative feelings in order to feel “alive.” She likes being happy, but she also likes drama and problems too, at least to some degree, even if she doesn’t admit it. That’s why everyone says women is unpredictable. She is designed that. She is designed to stay happy, to stay frustrated and sad. Unlike men she desires a range of emotions. Men wants to be happy all the time. Happy now and happy later. That’s why he builds his business, he works on his charisma, and he builds for his career. And with time his gravitous increases. Just like wine, men become sexier with age. This is contrary to women, with age women become more like hag.

3. Happiness Pattern of Apex Alpha (AA)

The Apex Alpha has structured his attitude and his life to achieve long-term, consistent happiness. His happiness level fluctuates between 8 and 10, just about all the time. The only time his happiness drops below an 8 is when something very unusual happens outside of his control, like one of his parents dies. Thankfully, these kinds of events are very rare.
He makes a decently high income doing something he likes, and aligned with his Mission, without working long hours. He does calculated monogamy yet is decent at long-term multiple relationships, so he constantly has all the sex he wants, with the emotional connected experience of a relationship (if he wants it).
Unlike his AFC brother, he doesn’t tell women what to do, nor does he care, so he has virtually zero drama or conflict in his personal life. Instead, he focuses on his Mission which creates even more happiness. Unlike his beta brother, he’s 100% free to do whatever the hell he wants, at all times.
Because his lifestyle looks odd to most of society, he doesn’t quite get the accolades or respect from friends and family that the AFC gets. However, the apex Alpha is outcome independent, so he doesn’t care. He’s too busy being happy while smiling at the unhappy world around him.

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