Blog Post No. 1, For My New Book: “Hunchology – A narrative guide to develop intuitive decision making hand.”

How hunches can serve our decision making process – to make a way out.

In judgement and decision making studies, intuition is termed as the conceptualization of the process of rational or non-rational thinking, where input variable is provided by available information conscious or unconscious, and output is any processed information which could be served as foundation for decision making in any scenario. This processed information can come in various forms such as unconscious trances or perceptions, instinct, non-verbal communication through pattern recognition, knowing through experiences, direct cognition, emotions and feelings as a source of information, and above all, direct hunches and intuitions. Betsch, Plessner and Schalllies, 2004, conceptualised the intuition as reflection of complete previous experience, however, intrusion of human’s other than conscious mind in this reflection is not negated as well. Accordingly, the influence of prior experiences is demandingly important for intuitions to come into picture to affect the decision making process Aka. intuitive decision making process.

In pursuit of finding any solution to some problem or any other relevant information, you could take assistance from the advisors, advocates, gurus or any other experienced person you can find, however, the unsullied and uncorrupted source which is available within you is often left unapproched and unexplored during the time of distress. This subconscious part of your psyche contains the high volumes of information which you seek. This subtle information could be transferred to you very subliminally in different bits and pieces, in different rates and patterns; sometimes abruptly or sudden. In other words, your subliminal mind could be the most accurate advocate to you; however you have to learn to listen its subtle calling. Now, why is that so that the mind knows all the answers to practically all the questions? Some people would say that the subconscious mind operates on the higher dimensions which we don’t have access to consciously – and that’s even true, I would rather suggest, your mind is actually your best friend, he knows all your secrets, your emotional chaos, your history of belief systems, your fears, your desires, your crimes and your punishments. So actually, by combining all the bits of information you physically provide to it and with the available processed information from your history patterns, it can give you a best possible solution to your distressing situation. And now it depends upon you whether you heed on your super psychic mind and allow it to further narrow down your plan of action in order for you to take so as to get you a minimum damage to any distressing and disappointing experience. Furthermore however, you are free to make any decision, so in your own interest, try learning to listen your gut feelings and add those invaluable information to your rational decision making process – you will be astounded that those information provided by your other than conscious mind has already made you an escape plan. Learn to listen and heed upon your slow voice that has one and only one propaganda viz. your state of wellbeing.

This distilled version of info may come to you in the form of hunches or intuition which are the product of constant processing of this available info (Which you input to your mind through your senses regarding the situation you are worried about) and the history pattern of the already available processed information (which you have in your mind through your experiences). Finally, your mind sorts out the best possible juice of this convoluted patterns of information and produces it in readable form to you such as a story while you are pondering over a coffee or a short dream when you are napping in the office, or some synchronous serendipity which Carl Jung explained as “acasual parallelism” or “meaningful coincidences.” Your mind acknowledges your desire of relief and happiness in any situation, so it makes a best rescue for your troubles and constantly gives you feedback over any unsettling situations.

Some theories suggest that intuition is biologically linked to us as a survival instinct skill. So this might suggest that some people might have inherited this intuition power more deeply. However, as I have worked with myself in the area of intuition, I came to believe that every person has some sort of seeds of intuition which can be blossomed into full-fledged flowers, and all it takes to learn hunch lessons is practice listening them. And once we have strengthened the spark of intuition, we can violate this power in our daily life. Like I said, there comes situations in life when we seems in utter danger or there seems to be a across road in front of us, in these kind of threats we can rely and find some truce in our intuition mind to avoid any possible pitfall. This power is sufficient to work with inadequate facts to deliver you the information you seek. As said by Henriette Anne Klauser in her amazing book “Write it down make it happen” – “All those needing help in life, please come to the second floor” second floor signifying the ethereal mind.

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