Research Paper - Solar Energy, Elsevier

Numerical optimization and convective thermal loss analysis of improved solar parabolic trough collector receiver system with one sided thermal insulation.

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Research Paper - Springer

Circumferential Temperature Analysis of One Sided Thermally Insulated Parabolic Trough Receiver Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

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Research Paper 2 - Springer

Computational and Parametric Analysis of Parabolic Trough Collector with Different Heat Transfer Fluids

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Yogender Pal Chandra, Ph.D. (P)

is a scientific researcher at University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings (UCEEB) in Czech Republic. He is working to combine solar energy with Domestic Hot Water Storage Systems (DHW) to reduce Heat Pump energy consumption down atleast to 25 %.

He also works extensively under his Massive Action Plans (MAPs):

  •  Business Development - Passive Income Source Development,   Restaurant Entrepreneurship, Publications.
  • Relationship With Women - Advanced Dating Techniques (Being the chooser not the choosen, early frame control, kino escalations, sneak seduction), Demonstration of Higher Value (Pre-selection, confidence, wit),  Dating and Mating  (Oneitis,  Monogamy Vs. Polygamy/Polyamory)
  • Personality Development - Sucking up (not sucking off  - its a different genre for different personality;)), Manning up (Leadership skills, Transferable skills), Life as an essence of struggle (Hustling, Hardship - fuck that , just do shit)
  • Intuitive decision making - invoking intuition as a parameter in rational decision making system (unconscious trances or perceptions, instinct, non-verbal communication through pattern recognition, knowing through experiences, direct cognition, emotions and feelings as a source of information, and above all, direct hunches and intuitions)




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